What’s on Your Summer Reading List?

Summer is here. The perfect season to catch up on all the books you’ve been wanting to read that you just haven’t had time for during the year. Here’s my running list. If YOU have any books to recommend, please leave a comment below!

all the light

I’m currently reading this one – only 30 pages in or so – but already sucked in. You know the kind of read you look forward to picking up at the end of the night? This is one of those. I know very little about this book except this: story of a blind girl who lives in France during World War II . You get to see (or rather, hear) the world through her eyes. I am really hoping she doesn’t die.

breath of air

I know very little about this book beyond what Amazon says: a memoir of a neurosurgeon ‘in the face of insurmountable odds’ and that people who read Anne Lamott will like this one (ME!). Plus, the friend who recommended this book is a trusted source (thank you Chelsea B.!).

road to character

A really smart guy told me about this book. Which makes me wonder if I can actually read it. But I always enjoy a challenge, a book that makes me think. Even if I have to read a few paragraphs twice. My understanding of the book: a NY Times columnist analyzes the difference between what he calls our ‘resume virtues’ (fame, success, wealth, power) and our ‘eulogy virtues’ (kindness, love, patience, sacrifice, etc.). According to my friend, the author doesn’t make any firm’discoveries’ but it causes you to think deeply about what we value. A mix of spiritual, psychological, political and confessional.


the beatles

I can’t help but be a little biased about this one, as Jess is a precious friend who I deeply admire and adore. Her writing style reminds me of Hemingway, with the uncanny ability to vividly describe something with few, but powerful words. This is a memoir of her life as a a child traveling with evangelical pastor Billy Graham and his team. Her father worked as his right-hand man, so she was up close and personal with the man who impacted many. It’s a raw, honest account of the blessings and the hardships of living a life on the road. Lovely and quick read!



Confession: The only reason this book is on my list is because it was on Bill Gates list. And well, he’s smart and I thought maybe I needed to read something that a really smart guy recommended as one of his favorite books. I’ve read the description and while I don’t think I’ll agree with all of his findings (even Bill Gates doesn’t!), he says that it’s a fascinating study of human beings from the pre-historic era to now, and then a look at what the future may hold for our race. Sounds fascinating!

nesting place

My sweet mother-in-law gave me this book after she heard me complaining (probably for like the 100th time) about not liking the way my house is decorated, but not having the time (nor desire) to really do anything about it. This is not a genre I normally seek out (just not the magazine/Instagram/Pinterest kind of girl), but as I skimmed a few chapters, I couldn’t help but keep reading. This is a decorating book for people who DON’T like to decorate. She breathes confidence and hope into those of us who feel like we just don’t measure up when it comes to creating a home of warmth and beauty. This book has inspired me to start small and find simple ways to create beauty – and not what everybody else says is beautiful and in style – but what I find beautiful, what reflects me and my family and what matters to us. Refreshing!

desiring the kingdom

This is one of those books that I am coming back to read a second time because I have been deeply impacted by it. Yes, it is a bit ‘heady.’ But what I love about Jamie Smith is that he is such an eloquent writer and philosopher that you get so caught up in his theories that you forget you’re reading a rather academic book. Now, that’s the sign of a good writer! Just give it a try – even just the first chapter. I will never look at church, football, shopping or college life the same. Eye-opening.

billion dollar spy

A recommendation from my mother-in-law, another voracious reader that has NEVER disappointed with book recs. She loves fast-moving fiction, stories of characters full of courage, wit, and perseverance to survive difficult circumstances. The plot: a Russian nuclear physicist considers sharing his country’s secrets out of personal conviction.

outlander series

What I know about this series: there’s time travel, Scottish history, battles and romance all thrown into one. What else I know: friends who do not consider themselves serious readers are flying through these THICK novels at the speed of light. My curiosity is piqued.

me before you

I heard this movie is coming out this summer and everyone is telling me, as with most books-to-movies: read it before you see it. All I know: a quadriplegic man falls in love with his housekeeper. I rolled my eyes when my friend described it. But she quickly followed it with: “Amanda, it’s much more than that. It brings up all kinds of moral and philosophical questions. You’ll love it.” Oh. Okay, I’ll give it a try.

color of water

This one has been around awhile. It’s been sitting on my shelf since college. But it is still being talked about and recommended. So I think it’s time I pick it up. All I know is what the cover says. So there you go.




2 thoughts on “What’s on Your Summer Reading List?

  1. Amazingly diverse list! Love it! Thx for sharing! I sure hope they make that Billion Dollar Spy novel into a movie ASAP!

    Having a Martha Home the Mary Way by Sarah Mae seems to compliment the Nesting Place book… I’ll have to pick that up!

    When do you leave Sat? An early phone call is on my radar for a 20 min chat….

    Blessings, Laura

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