My Prayer for Today


I am going to do something a little different today. Not really in the mood to write a long blog post (some of you are thanking me!), so I’m going to do what I usually do BEFORE I post a blog: write out my prayers for the day, right here, as I sit at Starbucks and sip my grande Americano. Forgive me if this is weird. But well, this is me.

Lord, thank you for a new morning, that your mercies are new each morning. Thank you for loving me, for guiding me, for protecting me from evil. Thank you that you are the good shepherd, that you protect your flock. I am so often that sheep that wanders off, that looks for that grass that is greener on the other side of the mountain, but doesn’t see the danger ahead, the place where wolves roam and dangerous ravines lie beyond. I need You, Lord, everyday I need You. I can’t do life without You. I am helpless, weak, weary and misguided without You.

Show me how to love my family well, even when I’m weary. Show me how to parent well, especially when I feel like I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING. Show me how to love my husband well, when I am annoyed or tired or completely self-consumed. Show me how to love my extended family well, even when life gets busy and I get caught up in the immediate. Help me love my friends and my neighbors well. Life feels so hectic, so busy, so full of activity. So often, I just want to be still, to stop, to rest. Show me how to do that. To press into you, to hide beneath the shelter of Your wings.

I am nothing without You. You are my all. You are my love. You are my life. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for your presence, I sense it, even now. Your sweetness, your peace, your light.

You are awesome, oh Lord. I long to be with You, fully in your presence. But for now, help me seek You everyday, in the little moments, in the mundane, in the blah.

I love You Lord. Thank you for first loving me.

In Jesus’ name,






One thought on “My Prayer for Today

  1. Love you… Thank you for causing me to stop and read aloud a prayer and praise that caused me to do the same: declare my dependence on Him.

    Question– how would you go about talking to someone our age about pride– is something we see in him choosing to limit interactions and accountability within the church even tho he’s committed to the church?

    Blessings, Laura

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