Music that Moves You


ACL pic

I am by no means a music buff. I don’t know who the hot musicians are right now. And I am embarrassed to say that I am a native Austinite who has have never been to ACL or SxSW. I know some of you are cringing right now. What a waste! When you have access to so much incredible talent! But it’s just not a passion of mine. Plus, the fact that I don’t like crowds. Or dealing with the hassle of parking. Or standing for lengthy amounts of time. I know, I’m a downer.

But you know what? I get it. At least I think I do. Why people are hard-core music lovers. I think I’ve tasted it, every now and then. It’s that feeling you get when your hear a piece of music and suddenly, something inside you lifts up and begins to soar, high above the clouds, light and free, far, far away from the heaviness of life below. I know that feeling. I love it.

Sometimes, I experience it in church. Other times, I experience it in my kitchen, while I’m cooking dinner and the kids are building tents in the living room. The beat of the music, the soulful longing I hear in the lyrics, moves through my body, deep down into the very core of my heart, and I am taken to another place. Do you know that that feeling? I just want to stop and dance and let the music take over.

And sometimes, I let it. But it’s usually when I’m alone and no one’s watching. And I make sure the blinds are closed so my neighbors won’t think I’m crazy. Sometimes I get that itch to dance at church, right there in the aisle so I have room to really move. But no way would I do that. I don’t go to that kind of church. Sometimes I get a little daring and lift my hands up. Just a little bit. Like to my waist. But never higher. That would be weird.

You know what I think? I think in heaven, we will get to worship with a freedom that we can’t even imagine here on earth. Maybe it will be like those concert groupies who are usually on drugs. Except we won’t be on drugs. Because we won’t need them to dance like that. We will be free, totally uninhibited and free.

I think deep-down, we were made to worship. We are worshipful beings. Isn’t that obvious? We have souls that love music, that love to create beauty and order and fun.

I think there will be lots of different aspects of heaven. Kind of like on earth. A time for work. A time for play. A time for rest. And then a time for music. And you know what I imagine it to be like? The best concert EVA.

Maybe the intensity of the Super Bowl half-time show. But way better than watching Katy Perry ride on a tiger. Even though that mechanical contraption was pretty cool. But was anyone else wondering what would happen if it stopped working or she fell off? When it did that bow at the end, I thought she was going down for minute. Tangent. Sorry. I think a heaven concert will be less about some great entertainer and more about worshipping together. We won’t be sitting in the bleachers just watching. We will be participating. Dancing. Moving. Without caring about how we look. Without worrying what others are thinking or how much better someone is at dancing than we are. Nope, we will just be dancing to our heart’s content, letting the music move us, letting it sink down deep within us and pull us up out of our bodies. Our new bodies that won’t get fat or wrinkly or need Botox or boob jobs. Man, am I looking forward to THAT.

African tribal dancing

And oh, the music will be awesome. You know what I picture in my head? A bunch of tribal Africans jumping really high and spinning and twirling and dancing and playing those really cool bongo drums. Am I stereotyping or judging by imagining that? I don’t mean to. I guess I think of those guys because they seem so free and passionate and completely wrapped up in the music, not what anybody else is thinking or doing.

Every time I watch the Olympics’ opening ceremony, I think of heaven. People from every tribe, tongue, nation, color, language, all in one place, worshipping together. Carrying their flags, wearing their native dress, representing their country, their roots, yet united in worship of one King, one Master, one Lord. It won’t be about competition or comparing or keeping score or how many gold medals you get. Or maybe, if we have gold medals, we will be laying them at the feet of our King, the One who deserves all praise. It will be about worship of Him. Pure awe of our Maker. Next time you watch the Olympics’ opening ceremony, think about that. You just might get goose bumps.

Or next time you are taken to that place while listening to a beautiful piece of music, try to imagine a bunch of tribal Africans, dancing freely, and inviting you to join in. I don’t know if that would work with a Kanye or Katy Perry song. But I could be wrong.

The heavenly concert I imagine would be different from the Super Bowl or the Olympics in one major way. Our worship would be directed to One who is greater than anything we could ever imagine. One who is all-loving, full of grace and mercy, infinitely wise, righteously just and perfectly divine. He would be the fuel, the reason, the passion, the object of our worship. Not some fallible singer or band. And I don’t think He will be sitting up on some throne, like distant royalty. No, I imagine Him to be quite un-showy and un-pretentious. I imagine Him coming down and getting sweaty in the crowd (if we sweat in heaven, I don’t think it will stink), and dancing His heart out, maybe even a little bit awkward, but no one will think it’s awkward because everybody’s dance moves will be unique. And cool. Yeah, everyone will look cool. Because He makes us cool. And loved and accepted and forgiven and free. Free to be exactly who we were made to be. Without all this earthly crap that gets in the way. Yeah, I think it will be pretty awesome. I can’t wait.

3 thoughts on “Music that Moves You

  1. Love your analogy to Olympics! I thought that as well!!

    And also- just realized with your writing…another way you convey your thoughts well: You make a statement. Then, this is usually followed by short, choppy ones or one word followed by a period. This conveys quick, almost after thoughts that support or describe the original statement. Thereby, you keep the reader connected sharply to the first statement, while allowing them to delve the processes in your mind!

    Amazing talent for that! You sound more rested; hope so! You’re entertaining me some while I’m sitting in a lecture. 🙂 I’m in Destin for a work conference (not complaining but definitely have not seen the beach or likely going to before I leave early tomorrow! All the same, nice to have a hotel room and just read myself to sleep later this evening!

    Love to you!


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  2. I believe that we can choose to worship anytime, anywhere, and feel and respond to the rhythm deep within, to God, here, now, on earth. That is our journey – finding that freedom here on earth more and more each day, to be the truth of who we are – the very human journey of the earthly trappings and singing and dancing and living in the truth of God within us. And everyday I need reminders, in music, in visual arts, in the written words like yours . . . because I forget and need to remember, always, to embrace the dance!!


  3. I’m reading your posts backwards (from most recent to older) and I really love how much you talk about and dream of heaven! Water to my soul. Also, I agree with Roberts’ Recantings comment on your writing style, well said.


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